Refund Policy

As a services-based consulting company, Analics Research Private Limited is completely qualified to be paid for its time, experience, knowledge, advising, consulting, and services. Any money gained while using its services is not refundable unless specifically stated.

With the exception of premature termination for cause, wherein a fair calculation will be made based on the rate of the professional service along with any reimbursements and a portion of the unearned amount will be refunded to the Client, Management fees and Consulting Fee are considered earned against the time and services of the Consultant.

The client might not be entitled to a refund if the entire scope of services has been rendered.

Any third-party payments, such as those made to the government or other authorities, third parties, attorneys, or vendors, fall outside the purview of Analics Research Private Limited, and any refunds are subject to their independent refund policies, without any harm to Analics Research Private Limited.

In the event of a technological error, such as double charging, or in any other circumstances where Analics Research Private Limited is at fault, a refund will be given.

When service cannot be provided or cannot be performed competently, a refund claim may be made, but only after a just compensation computation has been made for the time and effort expended.

In cases where it is not possible to issue a refund using the original method of payment, a refund will be issued by bank transfer or check. Once paid, there are no refunds for any success fees, referral fees, brokerage fees, commissions, or repatriations.

The refund policy that is specified and detailed in the service contract for every given service request is regarded as an annexe to this refund policy and is enforceable.

Within 15 days of the service's delivery, any refund requests must be submitted in writing via email or letter, clearly outlining the justification for the request; otherwise, the services will be promptly suspended or terminated.

Once authorized, any refund requests resulting from customer error will incur an administration fee.

Once accepted, any refund will be handled in 30-45 working days.